Einstein - His Life and Universe

As I mentioned a few days ago, the work of Albert Einstein has had a significant impact on my thinking, even though, until recently, I didn’t know much about him apart from his work - and some assumptions about his religious and political views.

I just finished Einstein: His Life and Universe which tells

Walter Isaacson does an excellent job telling a very compelling story. It was delightful to learn that Einstein’s views on politics, religion, and education were very similar to my own. He was a religious agnostic and a socialist who didn’t care much for school, and was quick to share his opinions. I can certainly relate to all of that.

What I enjoyed most about the story, though, was Einstein’s way of living by his own rules, no matter the consequences. His tendency to sometimes justify his choices by passing them off as what was good for others, was disturbing at times - mostly because it forced me to confront my own rationalizations.

Highly recommended.