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Christian Agnosticism

If you know me, or have read more than a few things I’ve written, you’ll know that I have written about my faith before, and that …

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently, but it’s on my mind today as I work on a book review.

I don’t have the training or the energy to get into a protracted debate about the nature of knowledge or the meaning of faith, but I can tell you that two statements can sum up my theism.

I believe – very strongly – that there is a God.

I know that I can’t know there is a God.

Does that make me an agnostic? And if I am, does that mean I can’t be a Christian? born again? saved? redeemed?

I don’t subscribe to everything I was taught as a child, but I still believe the “important” stuff.

So, I guess I can be an agnostic and a Christian at the same time, right?

NOTE: I know of at least some who use the term agnostic in a sense similar to the way programmers might say something about being “language agnostic” or “tool agnostic” when they mean that one things is just as good as the other. I am not using the term that way (and I’m not sure those examples are legitimate use of the term, but I’m not a linguist ). I mean agnostic in the strict sense that I know that I can’t know that God exists.

⇠ Selling Out?

No matter the odds ⇢