Cinema Is A Mirror

Cinema is a mirror of reality and it is a filter.

Call Me By Your Name is one of those films I can’t say a lot about, and I may push the boundaries and say more about it than I should.

It’s a tremendous film. Worthy of a best picture nomination, to be sure, but if you ask me, it has enough flaws to keep it from winning. On the other hand, it tells a very timely story and sheer emotion may give it the win. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

The locations were beautiful, as were the people.

The story unfolded in a way that had me wondering “where is this all going?” - but in a positive way, similar to the feelings I had when I first read Hemmingway.

The acting was superb. This morning I read this in the Boston Globe’s review:

You may not realize how strong the acting is until you replay the movie in your head later. Ty Burr, Boston Globe

I couldn’t agree more. I had the same experience.

I thought Timothée Chalamet was fantastic from start to finish, and I thought the other performances were solid, but it wasn’t until I started discussing the film with my daughter that I realized how good everyone else was too.

You should see this film. You may certainly have a different experience than the person sitting next to you, but I am fairly certain the film will move you.

You’re too old not to accept people for who they are.