Finding a way to cope

I keep wondering how long this situation with COVID-19 is going to last.

It has taken a couple of weeks for me to realize what an impact this is having on our lives. We had big plans for this Spring and Summer. Those plans are now completely on hold. We have had to completely re-assess what we do with our time because of this. At first, it seems like a minor adjustment, but after a few weeks it’s starting to sink in how much different life will be and for how long it might last.

I would like to think that we’ve made an impact with our actions and that life might start to return to “almost normal” sometime in the next month or so, but my gut tells me that being back to anything close to the old normal may take much, much longer.

I’m trying to look on the bright side.

This gives us all time to reflect and focus. Time to spend with our families - if we are lucky. Time to pick up a new hobby maybe, or learn something new, or get back to an old favorite pastime.

It also gives us all a chance to reflect on how this might affect others. Some of us are forturnate enough that this doesn’t have a significant impact on our financial well-being. This should be a time when we start to think about other people who might be facing this new normal without the financial means to stick it out. There are also many others who don’t have any kind of companionship at home. I imagine there are lots and lots of people who looked forward to going to work and/or getting out and about outside of work, to meet friends or just hang out with strangers. Being “stuck” at home brings new challenges for them too.

I just hope everyone can find a way to cope - for however long it takes.