I Like Salt

Writing my morning pages the other day, I found myself reminiscing about a fun story about dad.

He learned, after many years of eating pretzels and cashews, that he really didn’t like either. He liked salt.

Every time I think of that discussion, I smile. It was quintessential dad. But it also makes me think a lot about other things that perhaps I’ve let “creep in” to my life. What other food - or habits, routines, friendships, etc. - do I cling to because they bring me some other thing, and how might I get that other thing in a way that’s healthier, more efficient, or better in some other way.

Following that rabbit trail a little further led me to think of how my faith has changed over the years. I have conflicted feelings about the faith of my childhood. I don’t believe some of what I did as a child, but I still believe much of what I have my whole life. I sometimes wonder why. Am I clinging to some of those things for some other reason?