Life is too short to wear ripped underwear

Like everyone, I would imagine, I have a few pair of underwear in my drawer that are not worthy of wearing. I keep them, I guess, in case I’m ever far enough behind on the laundry that I need to wear them.

But every once in a while I find myself considering wearing a pair on a day when it “doesn’t matter” and I guess the idea in my head is that I can back up laundry day another day.

The other day I was considering this and it occurred to me that I didn’t want to sit around in a pair of underwear with the band 25% ripped off and I thought to myself “Life is too short to wear this underwear!”

It’s true. Every day is precious. No matter what the plan for the day. No matter what the day holds. No matter how inconsequential the day may feel when it starts - or even if it turns out that way. Still no reason to wear bad underwear.