NFL Schedule Released for 2012

The NFL schedule was published yesterday so I guess I’m obligated to publish my thoughts on the Jets schedule, but actually I have more to say about the complete schedule. I used what I believe is the official schedule released by the NFL ( you can download it here). You can also view the schedule at where they also have a nice printable version.

As I may have mentioned before, we are big NFL fans at our house. We had the NFL package from DirecTV the first year it was available until the 10-11 season. The 11 – 12 season was the first season we didn’t renew it. It worked out for me because every singe Jets game was available on TV in my area except two – so I went out to see those. :)

We all cheer for different teams (long story) – Jets, Redskins, Texans, and Jaguars (though Billy is a Jets fan too since he has moved to New York). Our local teams are the Ravens, another favorite team of ours, and the Eagles, a team I only pull for if they are playing one of my rivals or the Cowboys (and even then it is hard to do). We also like to watch the Giants and Broncos and any game with implications in the AFC East, AFC South, or NFC East.

So I look at the schedule with that in mind …

Most Exciting Day of the Season

Thanksgiving Day! As long as our teams are still competing at that point, this should be a blast. The Jets host the Patriots, Redskins @ Cowboys, and even Becky’s Texans start the day off in Detroit. I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Season Opener – Dallas @ Giants

We knew the game would be hosted by the Giants, and the Cowboys make a lot of sense. I would have preferred to see the Giant beat the Eagles on opening day, but this is the next best choice. Actually, the Jets beating the Giants would be the best choice now that I think of it.

The Rest of Week One

Jets open at home and host the Bills and the Texans host the Dolphins. I can’t ask for much better than that. Neither game will be on locally unless the Eagles time is changed. It looks like we’ll go out for the Sunday games. I love the Chargers / Raiders matchup on Monday night, but I’m not a big fan of the 10:15 start.

Weeks Two to Seventeen

Primetime Matchups

Some very good games planned – Patriots @ Ravens (week 3), Giants @ Eagles (week 4), Texans @ Jets (week 5), Broncos @ Chargers (week 6), Colts @ Jaguars (week 10), Ravens @ Steelers (week 11) – with a very strong finish for our teams. Week 13 is all NFC East, and then Texans @ Patriots, Jets @ Titans, and Chargers @ Jets, and one last game to be determined. (All Sunday games starting in week eleven are subject to change.)

If you count the Thanksgiving games, the Jets have four primetime games this year – one less than in each of the last two seasons, but enough to keep me happy. There are several games featuring the NFC East, and eight times the primetime games feature at least one AFC South team – five of those times it’s the Texans!

Highlights of the Rest

So, How About the Jets

A competitive schedule with some strong opponents early on, five primetime games, and a bye week right in the middle. Looks fair to me.