Off the Grid

I spent much of 2017 working on two things. One, a project that is designed for people who would prefer not to be connected all the time. The other was doubling down on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

The news over the last month has me re-thinking the same thoughts I have had over and over for the last twenty years. Should I - or more precisely, do I want to - go “off the grid.” Even more fascinating a question is would it even be possible?

I wake up this morning, read another article about the possibilities of hacks, and I seriously start to think of it again.

On the one hand, it seems preposterous. After all, I make my living online. On the other, the work I do is evolving and I really think I could find a way to do it off the grid.

Meanwhile, since we are empty nesters now, we have been thinking of moving to some island somewhere and living on the beach.

It will almost certainly not happen, but I find myself dreaming of it more and more.