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Oscar Picks 2013

I had a lot of catching up to do when this year’s nominees were announced, but I’ve recovered nicely. I have seen 40 of the 53 films nominated this year, and I’ve seen every entry in 15 of the 24 categories. Unfortunately, I missed a couple of films I really should have seen. Most notably, Amour, The Impossible, and The Master.

I’ve listed the “glamour” categories toward the end, and I’ve ordered the others based on my understanding of the category ( with the stuff I know least first ). I’ve commented on most of the categories, but not all.

Makeup and Hairstyling

Seen: 2/3,
Not Seen: Hitchcock

My Pick – The Hobbit

Costume Design

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Mirror Mirror

All five nominees deserve recognition in this category. Les Mis was the weakest, if you ask me, and that is saying something.

Original Song

Seen: 3/5,
Not Seen: but I’ve heard all the songs

My Pick – Skyfall

Original Score

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Life of Pi

Sound Editing

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Django Unchained

Argo and Zero Dark Thirty were very well done.

Sound Mixing

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Les Miserables

I heard so much about how they were to record the actors actually singing during the performances. I didn’t believe it was possible and I couldn’t wait to see it. It was brilliantly done.

Production Design

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Anna Karenina

The other nominees were well done, but Anna Karenina was far and away the best in my opinion.

Visual Effects

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Avengers

I wasn’t particularly wowed by any of these.

Film Editing

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Zero Dark Thirty

An important film that I did not enjoy watching. Editing was the part.

Animated Feature

Seen: 4/5,
Not Seen: Wreck-It Ralph

My Pick – Frankenweenie

I was disappointed I didn’t get to see Wreck-It Ralph, but I can’t imagine it beats the other four. I enjoyed all of them very much.

Live Action Short

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Henry

A strange mix this year. Henry is a heart – wrenching tale of an elderly man clinging desperately to his memories.

Animated Short

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Head over Heels

It seems every year my favorite is a love story. This year there were three, but this one was my favorite.

Documentary Short

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Inocente

All of these were good, but two stand out far and above the others. Inocente is a wonderful story about how art can save lives! Highly, highly recommended! Mondays at Racine was a moving story about two women giving their time and talent to help cancer patients feel beautiful.

Documentary Feature

Seen: 4/5,
Not Seen: The Gatekeepers

My Pick – Searching for Sugar Man

I don’t care which one was a better documentary. This one was a fantastic, fun story.


Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Anna Karenina

Another category where this movie rises above other very worthy nominees.


Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Ben Affleck :) Ang Lee

Ang Lee is the man, but Ben Affleck was robbed. That is all.

Adapted Screenplay

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Lincoln

Original Screenplay

Seen: 5/5,

My Pick – Moonrise Kingdom

This was one of the best films of the year, if you ask me. Should have been nominated for much more.

Supporting Actor

Seen: 4/5,
Not Seen: The Master

My Pick – Christoph Waltz

Brilliant once again, but the others – Jones especially – were very good. I didn’t see The Master, but I’m guessing Hoffman was excellent.

Supporting Actress

Seen: 3/5,
Not Seen: The Master, The Sessions

My Pick – Sally Field

I only saw three of these, but I thought Field played Mary Todd brilliantly. Weaver also expertly played a character that is difficult to play with the appropriate subtleties.


Seen: 4/5,
Not Seen: The Master

My Pick – Daniel Day-Lewis

Phoenix was the only performance I missed, but I’ve heard it was best. Day-Lewis was the best of those I saw.


Seen: 3/5,
Not Seen: Amour, The Impossible

My Pick – Jennifer Lawrence

I’m disappointed I didn’t see Watts’ performance. I think she is always excellent, and I think she has been snubbed several times. I’ve heard Riva was brilliant. Having only seen three, my choice would have to be Lawrence. Chastain was good. Wallis was delightful and adorable. I’d like to see her in a role where there is less narration and more acting.

Best Picture

Seen: 8/9,
Not Seen: Amour

My Pick – Beasts of the Southern Wild

This is my kind of film. Highly Recommended!

⇠ I just don’t like bad pizza

It always comes down to selling more subs ⇢