Oscars Menu 2015

Every year the menu for the day of the Oscars includes food inspired by the best picture nominations.

This years menu is below.


Egg in a hole - The Theory of Everything

This is what Terriā€™s family used to call Egyptian eyes. You take a piece of bread, rip a whole in it, put in in a hot frying pan, and then crack an egg into the hole. From there you cook it up like you would an egg.

Eggs to represent creation and the whole to represent black holes.


Sandwhiches - The Imitation Game

Dinner, Snacks, and Party Food

Pizza - Whiplash

Tortillas and Queso - Boyhood

Cold Cuts and Mustard - Birdman - we found meatless bologna slices :)

Cornbread - Selma


American Flag made of Jello and Whipped Cream - American Sniper

Cupcakes - The Grand Budapest Hotel


Coke - Boyhood

Tea - The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game

Sweet Tea - Selma

If you drink alcohol, you could add Beer for The Theory of Everything, and Gin for Birdman.