Our Favorite Girl

I wrote yesterday about how Terri and I would be saying goodbye to Becky again for another quarter this morning.

Because of the airport trip this morning, I got a late start on my writing. After about thirty minutes, I hear Terri stirring upstairs. I heard her say something but I couldn’t quite make out what it was.

Then she calls out “Bill, did you know about this?”

“What? Hold on, I’ll be right there!” The tone of her voice concerned me.

“She left me a huge box.”

“To ship?” I said. She and Terri had gone on a shopping spree one day (a new Christmas tradition, Terri tells me) so we expected her to leave a box for us to ship to her.

But as I reach the top of the steps, Terri is coming out of Becky’s room crying and soliciting a hug from me.

She left her mom a box of gifts to open after she left.

I am at a loss for words, really? I can’t even focus on anything but how special our little girl is. This surprise she left for her mom blows me away, but it’s only a part of it. She is the best daughter we could have hoped for. We love her dealy.