Off the Grid Indeed

You could have almost predicted it. I wrote about going off the grid and then I stopped blogging for a week.

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Off the Grid

I spent much of 2017 working on two things. One, a project that is designed for people who would prefer not to be connected all the time. The other was doubling down on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

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As I may have mentioned in one of my first posts of the year, last year was not a great one. The one before that wasn’t so great either.

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Minecraft Screenshots

The other day I posted something about playing Minecraft. I am playing a bit more lately since I’ve introduced a couple of my nephews to it, so I will probably write more about it in the days ahead.

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Ice and Snow

I grew up about 90 miles from where I live now. I spent a total of about 28 years living very close to that area, and I’ve lived another 15 years here.

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I realized earlier today that I have never written anything here about Minecraft.

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Our Favorite Girl

I wrote yesterday about how Terri and I would be saying goodbye to Becky again for another quarter this morning.

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Is that your given name?

Lady Bird is a fun film centered around difficult themes - family and growing up.

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More Meltdown

I just can’t stop reading about this.

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Meltdown and Spectre - Wow, what a mess!

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Back to Work

Most years, I take a couple of weeks to enjoy the holidays and I work a little bit here and there.

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Happy 2018!

I am looking forward to the new year.

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Working hard or hardly working?

Though I finally learned it was okay to relax some time ago, I still wonder sometimes which it is. read more

Free Range or Helicopter Parent

Over the last few weeks, I've read a lot of opinions about "free range" vs. "helicopter" parenting. The issue is not a new one, but people are talking about... read more

Faith, Dogma, and Reason

I've struggled for many years trying to reconcile my faith with my commitment to reason. Sometimes I've wondered if they are incompatible. What I've come to understand, though... read more

No more obsessing

I am learning how to not obsess so much about things. read more

Keeping Secrets

When I was in second grade, my friends and I used to use a secret cypher for passing messages to one another. The way I remember it, it was very simple, but only we knew how it worked. read more

Common Core math problems

I'm not thrilled with Common Core either, but it's not because of the math. read more

Scheduling and automating tweets

Yesterday, I had a quick Twitter discussion with Calvin Lee and Donna White and this tweet... read more

Are you ready for the truth?

I did not have a movie review queued up for this week, but I was inspired by my web notes today to review a movie I saw a long time ago. read more