Life doesn't give you bumpers

It’s no secret we’re huge movies fan at our house. Every year, we try to see all of the nominated films before the Oscars. Some years, we have just a few to see. Other years, like this one, we have to really scramble to see them all.

This year I saw 19 of the 50 which represents 56.2% of the nominations. I usually do a little better, but that’s not bad.

My predictions - in order based on categories I care most about and am more qualified to judge. The fractions represent who many of the nominated films I’ve seen.

Best Picture 6/8

Actress 3/5

Actor 3/5

Supporting Actress 3/5

Supporting Actor 4/5

Directing 4/5

Cinematography 3/5

Adapted Screenplay 3/5

Original Screenplay 3/5

Live Action Short 5/5

Documentary Short 5/5

Animated Short 5/5

Film Editing 4/5

Sound Editing 2/5

Sound Mixing 2/5

Animated Feature 3/5

Costume Design 2/5

Documentary Feature 0/5

Visual Effects 4/5

Foreign Language 1/5

Makeup and Hairstyling 2/3

Original Score 3/5

Original Song 1/5

Production Design 2/5