Don’t Just Believe

My latest project and the one I care the most about now should launch sometime in 2018.

Token Filings

A project a partner and I launched to test the market for information about token filings. We insisted it was not an “Edgar for Tokens” but that’s the way at least one person saw it.

Token Summit

Token Summit is a website I help maintain for an event organized by a friend and business partner.

Startup Management

Startup Management is a website I helped create for curating news and information about startups.

Teaching News Network

Teaching News Network is a copy of StartupManagement I set up for curating information that might be of interest to educators.


A custom built Django powered website to serve as the new online home of Knoxville Voice, the only major, general-interest independent alternative newspaper in Knoxville, TN until it ceased publication in 2009 ( at

Stop The Memes!

A site I set up after fuming over a few Facebook posts during the 2016 election season in the U.S.


A fun little project I decided to build to keep track of the mayhem.

Get Mets Tickets

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to give away tickets to New York Mets baseball games. It was mildly successful and drew some attention from the NY media.


A custom built mySQL/PHP powered website, which allowed sellers to post and sell digital content. Orders were processed and digital products were delivered automatically using PayPal APIs.

Sky Sports

A custom built mySQL/PHP powered website - - which aggregated sports information from syndicated content.

Really Check Yourself

A Google Maps powered tool I built for integration into an existing website -

All Barcode Systems and Coe90

The owner of two existing e-commerce sites - and - was growing tired of manually processing orders placed on his websites, I added funchionality for orders to be automatically placed and processed.

Free Sound Effects and Music Loops

I wrote some code to solve a difficult sorting problem for and

Self Investors

I wrote several custom WordPress plugins for