What kind of Christian are you?

I read something yesterday and the timing could not have been more perfect - for two reasons.

One, I have thought about this particular issue for a long time. It concerns me that some Christians think they have the right to decide who really belongs and who doesn’t.

Two , I was planning to write a couple of posts this week about faith and it turned out to be an all week thing. Short story - it just made sense to do a few posts about faith over the course of consecutive days. I was a little worried about overdoing it.

I am not ashamed of my faith. I have written a lot about it here. Every time, though, I wonder how many readers I might alienate. I know my Christianity irritates some of my readers, and I know my agnosticism irritates others.

I know how important it is to speak up when one sees errors in judgement or critical thinking. I do that too, but I just wish there were not so many intent on policing other people’s faith. What is our obsession with who is right and who is wrong.

Faith is a personal matter. Is it not?

PS After the first draft of this post, I found a delightful story in my RSS feeds - God in my grilled cheese.