Working hard or hardly working?

Though I finally learned it was okay to relax some time ago, I still wonder sometimes which it is.

My son is now twenty-one and, like his old man, he’s cut out for doing his own thing. So, like any good dad, I’ve been trying to help him learn from some of my mistakes so he doesn’t have to make as many of his own. I’ve also been thinking about this in my own life. I love what I do so much that it just doesn’t feel like work sometimes. I’m glad for that, but it also makes me wonder if I could - or should - be working harder. Actually, I have evidence that sometimes I don’t work as much as I think I do.

My dad was always quick to remind me that “six days shalt though labor” and though I don’t interpret the Bible as a book of rules, that has always stuck with me.

I read an interesting piece today called How to Plan Your Week to Keep Your Weekend Free. One part that really resonated with me was about the “other” work we all have on our list that we never seem to get to because our “real” work keeps us from cleaning out the garage or learning to play the piano. Carving out time for that stuff is so important.

last weekend, we did some yard work and I joked with Terri that it was the “best Saturday ever.” She got a real kick out of that, but it really was a lot of fun, and I really do look forward to more Saturdays like that.