Animated Shorts 2018

Packed Suitcase

We went to see the Oscar Nominated Short Filmes over the weekend. We started on Friday night with the animated films.

They were all really good this year.

Negative Space

It was nice and short, quirky and funny throughout, and drew a well-deserved round of applause from the crowd when it was finished. Very well done and by far my favorite this year.

Dear Basketball

This was the first to screen and it really threw us because we had no idea we’d be seeing Kobe Bryant. Then it starts in with the “I’m an athlete who gave everything …” whatever, and I’m thinking “WHO CARES!” but it really did move me. Very nicely done - even for someone who cares as little about Basketball as I.


This year’s contribution from Pixar did not disappoint. Very moving and entertaining.

Revolting Rhymes

This was the longest of the five. If not, it definitely seemed so. It takes a while to pay off, but it turned out to worth it. Very creative indeed.

Garden Party

I have since read that this is the favorite and it was certainly entertaining. The animation was spectacular and many in the theater were laughing out loud during parts of it, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the others.