I love movies!

If you’ve read more than a couple of my blog posts you’ve probably gathered that I’m a big fan of movies.

Every year for the past several years my son has put together a spreadsheet of the films he expect will be in the running for Oscars and we all keep track of which ones we’ve watched. When the nominations are announced, he updated the sheet accordinngly. At that point we also begin to plan the menu for Oscars viewing. The menu is always based on the best picture nominations. On the day of the awards I also post my predictions for the winners, etc.

I used to confine myself to writing movie reviews at most once per week, but since this is prime movie viewing time for me I think I’ll pull out all the stops and post reviews as much as I want. Unless I have something else I really want to share, I’ll probably post a review every day until the awrds show.