Go Jaguars! Go Vikings!

As I’ve written about before, my enthusiasm for the NFL is waning (while my interest in the NBA is re-emerging).

But this year I have been pretty excited about the playoffs.

Last week, we had two teams to root against on Saturday - Patriots and Eagles - and then two teams to root for on Sunday - Jaguars and Vikings. I am not an Eagles fan but I grew up in Eagles country, and now I’m back in the shadow of Philadelphia again, so there is a lot of excitement about this season.

In between those times, I lived in VA and then in the Jacksonville area for the Jaguars inaugural season. My son was a Jaguars fan from day one. He lives in NYC now so he’s become a Jets fan like his dad, but he and the rest of us are really pulling for the Jaguars this season.

Meanwhile, my brother is a life-long Vikings fan who will be alone in a house full of Eagles fans watching the game today.

I have not been this excited about two NFL games in a long time. :)